About us

OMCG Consulting Limited

Established in 1995 as a Manpower Training and Management Consultancy Firm: 

  • To promote and encourage the acquisition of skills in industry and commerce with view to generate a pool of indigenous trained manpower, sufficient to meet the needs of the economy” by the Organization of Seminars, Lectures and Workshops
  • To engage in Job Selection, Agro- Allied Advisory Services Consultancy, Manpower Training and Executive Development.


We had the vision to create Management Consultancy Services by providing timely, transparent and efficient Services. We have maintained our vision backed by a new resolve to create this value-added service. We are indeed proud of this tradition.


To be recognized by our markets as the leading provider of World- Class Management Consultancy for the workplace with the highest level product quality and customer service.


OMCG Consulting Ltd was incorporated in 1995 to assist Clients with Corporate Development, Human Capital Development, Financial and Agro-Allied Advisory Services. Our Organization Board Member is made of Economic Experts, Industrialists and sound Academia with over 50 Faculty Members (Resources Persons) and 10 Administrative/Technical support Staff in diverse fields. We have conducted over 76 Management and Supervisory Courses within Year 1995-2016


We have been involved with variety of services on Manpower Training and Advisory services for about 40 different Organizations/Institutions comprising of Federal and State Governments, Teaching Hospitals, Corporations, Service Industries and Entrepreneurs.


During each assignment, periodic updates are given. These are augmented by at least one Interim Review to summarize our findings to date and discuss any moderations in the direction for the balance of the project. Upon completion of our work, we report our findings and recommendations to Clients Management.


Our fees are normally discussed and agreed with our clients before the commencement of any assignment. We continually strive to keep our fees at the lowest level consistent with the highest professional standards.


We are determined to render service by acting with speed, courtesy, and efficiency in whatever you need. Our Training Coordinator directs all assignments and Client Relations and specialist Associate Consultants are called upon as needed. We believe that we can satisfy your needs in the provision of effective and cost efficiency Consultancy Services and meaningful business advice. We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the Industries you belong.