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What are the common damages of peripheral nerves, and the harms to human bodies?
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1. Arm nerves plexus damage: The upper arm nerves plexus damage leads to the drooping of upper limbs. The forearm is unable to stretch or revolve. There exists a disturbance of sensation along the shoulder blade to the upper arm and the outboard forearm. The lower arm nerves plexus damage leads to the atrophy of hand muscles. There lacks of sensation along the inner forearm and the ulnar side of hand.
2.Axillary nerves damage: It leads to ① dyskinesia---unable to fully stretch shoulder joint; ② skin sensation disturbance at deltoid area; ③ atrophy of deltoid—square shoulder instead of round shoulder.
3. Mylohyoid nerves damage: It leads to skin sensation disturbance along humeral muscle, biceps, and outward forearm.
4.Median nerves damage: It leads to ① the function loss of the first, second and third finger to bend; ② the loss of thumb motion; ③ the atrophy of the big thenar; ④ the sensation loss of minor details of forefinger and middle finger.
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